50 Shades of sex toys

50 Shades of sex toysWell looks like it’s not just the novel that is reaching new heights as far as the sales are concerned. But it’s the 50 Shades of Grey sex toys that were used by the main characters in the romantic erotic book that have crossed all sale records by an unpredictable 400 per cent.

Vaccine to Treat Alzheimer’s Gives Hopes

AlzheimerAs per a study published in the journal Lancet Neurology, it has been revealed that a vaccine has been developed, which will be able to reduce the number of Alzheimer’s cases by half.

The study was taken out by a group of researchers in Sweden. Lead researcher Thomas Wisniewski, of the New York School of Medicine, was of the view that they have passed the first clinical trial of their newly developed vaccine called CAD106.

Load-Bearing Activities Can Help Prevent Osteoporosis, the Bone Disease

Load-Bearing Activities Can Help Prevent Osteoporosis, the Bone DiseaseA recent research has proposed that playing sports like football, basketball, which keeps a person active throughout the play, is suggested to protect them from brittle bone disease.

Biological Factors Can Make One Vulnerable To Drug Abuse

Biological Factors Can Make One Vulnerable To Drug AbuseA recent study has unveiled that adopted children are more likely to fall in traps of drug abuse if by any case their biological parents have also been a victim of drug abuse. The study was conducted by the researchers of Sweden.

AIIMS Gets Swedish Help

AIIMS Gets Swedish HelpIn a recent report, it has been revealed that Mr. Goran Hagglund, the Swedish Minister of Health and Social Affairs, has recently visited the All India Institute of Medical Sciences. This was a very beneficial event for the team of doctors at the institution as well as for improving the relations between the two countries.

Sweden Soon To Have Cervical Cancer Screening

Cervical-CancerFor the first time in the history of Europe, it has happened that a woman would be screened for cervical cancer by using Roche's HPV test and for that the Sweden’s Karolinska University Hospital has contracted with Roche Holding AG.