New Hilton Towers Opened in Queensland

New Hilton Towers Opened in QueenslandIt has been revealed in recent news that the Hilton group of Hotels has opened two new outlets in Queenstown. This shall give a huge upturn to the tourism industry of the area. It shall help to bring more people in the vicinity and mean more money for the industry.

Volunteer Awareness Week Calls for People with Common Interests

It seems that the ongoing Volunteer Awareness Week has caught the attention of people from all walks of life in New Zealand this week. The Volunteering Central set up in Wanaka, Cromwell, Alexandra and Queenstown has brought a large number of volunteers to lend their services to a wide range of noble causes, irrespective of the time they can donate for the welfare of society.

Queenstown Doctors Hopeful Towards Independent Panel

QueenstownIan Powell Association of Senior Medical Specialists, Executive Director was reported to have stated that Queenstown senior doctors were cautious and optimistic about the decision to introduce an independent panel to address future health services in the region.

Though Powell welcomed the involvement of the National Health Board, he still stated that members were not certain about them.

NHB Seeks Rehaul of Health Care Services

QueenstownAhead of the scheduled visit of NHB Deputy National Director, Michael Hundleby to circumvent the health care situation in Queenstown, the National Health Board (NHB) is leaving no stone unturned to make collaborative efforts to rehaul health care management within the community.

RPA Organizes a Fundraising Initiative

RPA Organizes a Fundraising InitiativeOn Friday, 1st April, the Remarkable Parents Association (RPA) in combination with Remarkable Primary School (RPS) and Amisfield Wine Company launched an interesting fundraising initiative for the RPA at "Great Grape Stomp" in Queenstown.

Southern DHB Announces a New Integrated Family Health Centre in Queenstown

Southern DHB Announces a New Integrated Family Health Centre in QueenstownSouthern DHB has announced a new integrated family health centre (IFHC) in Queenstown. The new IFHC would provide a wide range of services to the people.

The main aim of launching IFHC is to provide easy access of a large number of health services like general practice, outpatient clinics, X-rays, pharmacists and physiotherapists to the public.