Long Relationships Key To Good Mental Health

relationshipsA study has found that long relationships leave a positive effect on people's mental health even without marriage.

According to this study, if a relationship between a man and woman is older than five years then possibility of committing suicide or taking alcohol or drugs due to depression gets significantly lowered.

Drug therapy for stroke victims tipped

Drug therapy for stroke victims tippedDr Andrew Clarkson from the University of Otago said that recently a new drug therapy was discovered for victims of stroke which has caused several leading pharmaceutical companies to soon develop a compound which is going to be much more suitable for testing in humans.

Otago University First in New Technology Transfer Voucher Scheme

Otago University First in New Technology Transfer Voucher SchemeThe Government has selected the University of Otago to lead its new Technology Transfer Voucher scheme, one of the new programs for the business research and development initiative announced in the May Budget.

The University will be one of the first 6 research institutions to be included in the Government’s new voucher scheme.

Cos come together to help farmers

Many of the rural servicing companies in Otago have join hands to be able to help the farmers who have been affected because of the last week's storms. The good thing is that most of these companies are competitors and have decided to come together for the common good.

They will start helping the farmers by delivering food parcels and also helping them with their daily needs. Staff strength of 30 people has been appointed by these companies.

Scientists in New Zealand Develop a Technique to Trap and Isolate a Single Atom

Scientists in New Zealand Develop a Technique to Trap and Isolate a Single AtomNew Zealand scientists at Otago University have made a ‘major physics breakthrough’ technique to isolate and trap fast-moving Rubidium 85 atom.

The researchers are the first to develop such methods to capture and photograph the ultra-fast single atom.

Otago farm sales fallen

Otago farm sales fallenAccording to the figures of the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand, the sales of Otago farms fall to less than half what they were in 2008 as the prices of farms are becoming less.

It is reviewed that there is around 14% fallen the prices of Otago farms.