Fizzy Drinks Increase Risk of Gout: Study

 StudyA new research has come up with findings to suggest consumption of sugary drinks can alter the role of a gene, which normally protects the body from gouts. A combined University of Auckland and Otago study has warned fizzy drink lovers to resist their temptation if they have got a family history of gout.

Scientist Reveals Ancestry of Kiwifruit Diseases

Scientist Reveals Ancestry of Kiwifruit DiseasesAs per reports, bacteria that had destroyed the orchards of the kiwifruits in New Zealand were reported to be responsible for an outbreak in Italy and Chile.  The bacteria was said to be originating from China.

No More Bad Doggy Breath Now; Introducing Halitosis-Fighting Probiotic

No More Bad Doggy Breath Now; Introducing Halitosis-Fighting ProbioticAccording to the veterinary industry, the bacterial infections are commonly seen in the teeth and gums of dogs and cats these days and this is something that has made it pretty difficult for the owners to tolerate the same.

Drinking while driving not safe

Drinking while driving not safeIt is not the first time when it has been revealed that alcohol has caused a number of accidents and especially road accidents. This is the reason that it has been said that driving while drinking should be avoided.

Student Demands Genome Sequencing Copy For Study

Student Demands Genome Sequencing Copy For StudyAs per a recent report, an Otago University student has shown a keen interest in getting his own DNA mapped by the New Zealand Genomics along with a copy of it to be given to him.

Steve Anderson, in his 50s, has urged the same with an aim to have a study of his own genes. While having vast knowledge in the genetics field, the former Wanaka farmer wants further enhancement in the domain.

Hospital Apologies for Misdiagnosis

Hospital Apologies for MisdiagnosisThe University of Otago Dental Hospital has apologized from a woman who was misdiagnosed as having mouth cancer. Due to misdiagnosis, her jaw portion was cut and later it was found that she was perfectly normal and did not have cancer.