Scientists Discover a Large Hot Molecular Cloud around a Very Young Star

Scientists Discover a Large Hot Molecular Cloud around a Very Young StarA very large hot molecular cloud around a very young star has been discovered by scientists using ALMA. Scientists have claimed that this hot cloud’s size is around 10 times larger than those found around typical solar-mass baby stars. The findings have led researchers to understand the fact that star formation process has much more diversity that what was previously thought.

NTT DoCoMo demonstrates Intelligent Glass wearable device at CEATEC Japan 2013 exhibition

JapanAt the Cutting-Edge IT & Electronics Comprehensive Exhibition (CEATEC) 2013 event in Chiba, Japan, NTT DoCoMo - Japan's biggest mobile network operator - demonstrated the company's Intelligent Glass wearable device.

The wearable technology which NTT DoCoMo showed off at the exhibition essentially marks the Japanese operator's response to Internet search giant Google's avant-garde Google Glass device.

Sony officially unveils its BRAVIA Smart Stick

Sony officially unveils its BRAVIA Smart StickAfter the Sony BRAVIA Smart Stick briefly surfaced on Sony's blog over the weekend, the company has now officially unveiled the $150-priced accessory which includes support for Google Services --- that is, Android apps and the Chrome web browser.

World’s 1st Sperm Bank for Endangered Species Created

World’s 1st Sperm Bank for Endangered Species CreatedWith passage of time, more number of animals is being feared of getting extinct. This is the reason that researchers from the Kyoto University Graduate School of Medicine have developed the sperm bank for endangered species.

New Nova spotted by Japanese explorer

New Nova spotted by Japanese explorerIt has been revealed in a recent report that an astronomer from Japan has been able to locate a new nova in the sky. Experts are of the view that it is getting more and more prominent each hour and that this old the discovery of an all new nova in the time to come.

Talking Robot ‘Kirobo’ Reaches ISS

Talking Robot ‘Kirobo’ Reaches ISS

The recent arrival at the International Space Station (ISS) is not an astronaut, but a talking robot. The Japanese robot named as Kirobo has reached at the space station after a supply ship released from Tanegashima Space Center has successfully docked with the station.

The talking robot equipped with facial-recognition technology is 34 cm tall. The robot, which has been built by Toyota, is said to be having white body, but it has bright red boots with bulbous eyes.