WSJ report: Deutsche Telekom considering IPO for T-Mobile USA

Deutsche TelekomAs per a Thursday afternoon report in The Wall Street Journal (WSJ), German telecommunications firm Deutsche Telekom AG is considering an initial public offering (IPO) or spin-off for T-Mobile USA – the company’s wireless service in the US.

Stay Fit With Regular Exercise

Stay Fit With Regular ExerciseThrough four studies conducted in Canada, Germany and the United States, the up-held opinion of exercising being capable of giving a much healthier and better life, has been confirmed.

Surprisingly the first study, based on data from the Nurses' Health Study in the United States, found that women who are more physically active in the middle-aged were possibly "successful survivors".

Europe's Recession Might be Over, But it may take Some Time to Recover

In the news which delighted investors and economists, Europe's economy once again seemed to race ahead as Germany and France reported growths in their third-quarter reports. In addition, Italy's economy has started to show signs of growth as well, lifting the Euro Zone, and much more of the EU, out of recession.

Heart Attack Rates in Middle Aged Women on a Rise - Studies

Heart Attacks Among Women

According to findings published by two new studies, while the number of heart attacks in middle aged women are at an all time high and steadily rising, the risk of death post a heart attack is improving for women in contrast to men who still stand more chances of dying from a cardiac arrest.

Bayer announces new chief executive

Tuesday, a new chief executive and other top managers were announced by German conglomerate Bayer AG, in a broad management shuffle.

The new chief executive for Bayer, which makes chemicals and pharmaceuticals, will be Marijn Dekkers, a 51-year-old Dutchman who presently is the chief executive of U. S. laboratory-equipment manufacturer Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc, and will replace Werner Wenning, 62, in September 2010.

Romance on the internet invites Armed police raid

Romance on the internet invites Armed police raid

It was an internet romance between a New Zealand man and a German woman which compelled the police to raid a house in South Island. Police said that when the 30 year old German woman went to meet this man at the Dunedin airport she found that he was not the person with whom she had became friendly on the internet and she was deeply shocked.

Detective Senior Sergeant Steve McGregor said that the friends of this woman got worried and concerned when she did not turn up to be with them after meeting her internet friend.