EC survey: European tourists limit their phone use due to excessive roaming charges

roamingAccording to the findings of a survey carried out by the European Commission (EC), the fear of excessive roaming charges apparently prompts most European tourists to severely limit, or even completely stop, their mobile usage while travelling overseas.

European officials plan to get police-controlled kill-switch in all modern cars

European officials plan to get police-controlled kill-switch in all modern carsIn a recent report, The Daily Telegraph has revealed that top European officials are working on a secret plan to put a police-controlled kill-switch in all modern cars; in a move which can potentially put an end to high-speed chases.

Water vapor plumes seen on Ceres

Water vapor plumes seen on CeresResearchers said on Wednesday that the dwarf planet Ceres, a standout amongst the most captivating objects in the earth's planetary group, is spouting water vapor from its uncommon ice-secured surface.  This has led to a finding that raises the inquiry of if it could be welcoming to life.

Lucozade Sport ad campaign banned as they claimed energy drinks better than water

Lucozade SportA multimillion-pound ad campaign for the fizzy hydrating beverage "Lucozade Sport" has been banned since they were asserting that it is even superior to water when it comes to hydration.

"Lucozade Sport" manufacturers had made this point the crux of their £9 million advertising drive and utilized a breathtaking line-up of contenders like the Real Madrid striker Gareth Bale.

Euro fall below the European Central Bank's Target in December

EuroThe European Union's statistics agency revealed on Tuesday that an initial reading illustrates rise in consumer prices by just 0.8% over the 12 months to December. The figure was reduced from 0.9% in November.

The rate of inflation was lesser in October, when it touched 0.7%. This prompted the ECB to slice its standard interest rate to a low of 0.25%. This was the last action that was taken to motivate the economy. The ECB aims an inflation rate of just below 2.0%.

Eurozone tackles banks and is set for volatile 2014

EurozoneThe eurozone is at last set to revisit growth in 2014 but the single currency bloc may not have set its crisis behind it as efforts to push its banks could rebound.

After fighting back the market panic that the eurozone was set to break up, in 2012 and 2013 eurozone nations moved to put their finances on a stable footing and strengthen the banking sector.