Chinese Company’s Bid for Nufarm Still Unclear


Talks between Chinese state-backed chemicals trading business, Sinochem and Australia’s largest agricultural chemical manufacturer, Nufarm Ltd. seem to have reached a stalemate. The Chinese company was looking towards Nufarm to become a global company in the crop protection industry. The initial offer by Sinochem was subsequently cut down by nearly 8 percent and now stands at A$2.6bn (US$2.3bn).

Scientist Identify 7 Genes Linked with Leprosy

Leprosy gene

In a new breakthrough, as many as 7 genes linked with an increased susceptibility to leprosy have been accurately identified by scientists in Singapore and China, after analysis of over 10,000 DNA samples from patients suffering leprosy as well as healthy people from across China.

The study's findings have managed to highlight the important role that the "innate immune response" plays in the contraction and progression of leprosy.

Nufarm Says Bids Below A$2.8 Billion will not be Accepted

Nufarm Says Bids Below A$2.8 Billion will not be Accepted

While in talks with Chinese-state owned Sinochem, Australia's renowned chemicals firm Nufarm Ltd., made it clear on Thursday that any bids which value the company below A$2.8 Billion ($2.6 Billion) would not be accepted.

Fonterra plans further investment in China

New Zealand's biggest company and the world's biggest dairy exporter, Fonterra has not lost interest in China despite execution of two milk or powder suppliers by China who are said to be involved in the melamine baby milk poisoning incident.

Options to be reassessed by BAIC after failure of Saab bid

Wednesday, China's Beijing Automotive Industry Holding (BAIC) confirmed that following a plan to purchase Swedish carmaker Saab failed, it is mulling to "reassess" its options. The company did not reveal its plans.

It was forwarded by Swedish luxury carmaker Koenigsegg on Tuesday that because of the costly delays, it was aborting plans to join forces with BAIC to buy Saab from its US parent General Motors.

Chinese company plans for 'little NZ'

Chinese company plans for 'little NZ'

China has announced to come up with a "little New Zealand" with an investment of $400 million for tapping huge tourism potential of the region besides opening doors for employment, education and immigration opportunities.