China doesn’t need lessons from United States, Says Min Dahong

China-FlagBeijing Association of Online Media Chairman Min Dahong expressed anger over Thursday's speech delivered by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, saying that it showed a lack of respect for the Chinese nation, which cannot accept conditions when it comes to matters of "national security" or "social stability".

China Exalt Over its Third Navigation Satellite Success

China Exalt Over its Third Navigation Satellite Success

China has successfully launched its third navigation satellite from the Xichang Satellite Launch Centre in south-western Sichuan province, as a part of a project to establish its own global satellite navigation system.

It is the third orbiter launched for the country's independent satellite navigation network known as Beidou, or Compass system.

The agency reports that the system aims at providing navigation, time signal and short message services in Asian and Pacific region beginning in 2012, facilitating both open and authorized services.

Supermarkets Rationing Baby Formula

BabyAll major supermarkets are now rationing baby formula in order to stop its bulk sale, especially to parents in China.

Chinese-New Zealanders have been selling the formula online to Chinese parents who do not want to use formula made in their own country after the 2008 San Lu scandal, in which 6 children died and many hundreds fell seriously ill after consumption of melamine-contaminated formula.

Google Contemplating Cutting Back from China Post November's Cyber Attack

GoogleSearch engine giant Google is seriously thinking about cutting back its services from China, after a serious and large-scale cyber attack in mid-November 2009 lead to a theft of intellectual property from the firm.

US Arms Sales to Taiwan Denounced by China Once Again

China-united-states-taiwanOn Saturday, China once again denounced American arms sales to Taiwan, stressing that these were an "intrusion" in the Chinese internal affairs, and risked undermining the county's relationship with the United States.

Offer for Rockland's Sweetened by Meijin to $197.2 Million

Meijin Energy Group

China's Meijin Energy Group, looking to acquire the Australian coal firm, Rockland's Richfield Ltd., has raised its offer to $197.2 Million, a move which has increased pressure on rival Indian bidder Jindal Steel & Power to either do the same or step out of the race.

The latest offer of 56 cents a share is substantially higher than Jindal's offer of 52 cents per share.

The Perth based coal company, however, has confirmed that neither of the bids are formal, and are currently subject to due diligence.