Google shutters operations in China; Obama administration “disappointed”

GoogleGoogle has finally made its stance clear on the thus far dilly-dally decision to shutter its operations in China after the January cyberattacks – the company disclosed on Monday that it would stop censoring search results in China; and readdress its Chinese home page traffic to its un filtered Hong Kong site.

US trade officials weighing China Internet censorship case

US trade officials weighing China Internet censorship case In his Tuesday remarks at the National Press Club, US Trade Representative Ron Kirk revealed that though the country is assessing its possibilities of legally challenging the Internet restrictions imposed by China, direct talks with the authorities may bring about faster results.

Soft Drinks Cause of Pancreatic Cancer

Soft-Drinks-Pancreatic-CancerAccording to the study of Singapore Chinese Health, those who drink two or more soft drinks per week are facing the danger of pancreatic cancer. There is 87 percent higher risk of emerging the disease. They examined 60,000 people in Singapore over 14 years having regular soft drinks.

HIV Phobia in China is Only Prostitute Guilt

HIV-Phobia-ChinaChinese are threatened by a new mysterious disease having HIV-like symptoms. But doctors say that their illness might be the result of the guilt of having sex with prostitutes calling it 'HIV phobia'.

Coal Deal with China All Set: Clive Palmer

Prof-Clive-PalmerThe anticipated coal deal with China involving $60 billion was almost confirmed by the billionaire businessman Clive Palmer.

Google Contemplates to Quit China Facing Cyber Attacks

Google Contemplates to Quit China Facing Cyber AttacksGoogle has accused a Chinese website “Goojje” of infringement, stating that the logo used by “Goojje” resembles the US Inter