Star Entertainment announces $2.3bn funding for Queen’s Wharf casino resort in Brisbane

Star Entertainment announces $2.3bn funding for Queen’s Wharf casino resort in Brisbane

Regardless of corona virus-induced harsh economic downturn, Star Entertainment Group has announced a massive fund to achieve its goal of building Queen’s Wharf casino resort in Brisbane.

Extreme Temperatures Augmenting Heart Disease-Related Deaths: Study

Extreme-TemperaturesPublished recently in the journal ‘Circulation: Cardiovascular Quality and Outcomes’, a study by researchers at the Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Australia, says that extreme temperatures may also be a cause of rising premature deaths, though indirectly.

3 taken Ill After Consuming Bad Party Drugs at QUT Kelvin Grove Student Village

BrisbaneOn Saturday, a wild student party was thrown at an inner Brisbane university campus, where several bad drugs were introduced to the partygoers.

Princess Alexandra Hospital Confirms Stable Condition of a Man Injured by Drilling Device

Princess-Alexandra-HospitalYesterday, an 18-year-old man was hospitalized at the Princess Alexandra Hospital in Brisbane, as an attempt to avail immediate treatment for his severe

Hendra Claims another Horse in Brisbane

HendraIt seems that there is no early respite from hendra virus, as it has been claimed that another horse was euthanized at a property north of Brisbane. Prior to this report, another horse was diagnosed with hendra at the Beachmere property last Tuesday.

However, another horse died also, no confirmation of it being hendra infected or not has come out.

New Brisbane Tourism Ad Described as Sloppy

Brisbane's new tourism campaign to lure female visitors has been tagged "sleazy, cheap and nasty".