Plumbers course fought for by Unitec

TEU president Tom Ryan

TEU president Tom Ryan holds the viewpoint that due to recent moves by the Plumbing, Gasfitting, Drainlaying & Roofing Industry Training Organization (ITO), quality of trades education, and ultimately the safety of the public, are under threat.

In recent times, ITO has been stressing on polytechnics to decrease the length of study for plumbing theory from 22 weeks to 11 weeks.

Agile opens new office at Australia; ignores economic slowdown

Fisher & Paykel

In spite of the economic slowdown, a new office in Australia was recently opened by Agile, a renowned Kiwi telecommunications software developer and integrator.

It was after the company won the contract with whitegoods giant Fisher & Paykel and debt recovery services group Baycorp that the latest development appeared. Both of the companies are presently the customers of Agile across the Tasman.

Squatters stay put as eviction notice appealed

Glenn Hannah bought the Kaikohe building

As per the media reports, Glenn Hannah, an Australian man, who in April bought a Northland building - called the Kaikohe building - will have to wait for some time before he gets its possession.

The building, currently acquired by Maori squatters, was bought by Hannah at a mortgagee sale. But Nga Uri o Tupoto Maori occupiers claim that native title to the land overrides any other title.

Pacific Brands factories in Christchurch and Palmerston North shut down

National Distribution Union

It has appeared that after being made redundant by Australian manufacturer Pacific Brands, nearly 100 factory workers in Christchurch and Palmerston North have clocked off for the last time.

During the month of March, the company confirmed that it will be making efforts to sell its operations. However, it revealed a month ago that it could not find a buyer, and the
46 workers at each of the two factories would lose their jobs.

Blue Coat streamlines its distribution line-up

As per the media reports, the distribution line-up has been streamlined by Networking vendor, Blue Coat, which has brought in changes to its Australian and New Zealand strategy.

It should be noted that the tweak will witness Westcon Group becoming the vendor's exclusive representative in New Zealand, with the Australian partnership terminated.

Takeover bid faced by Nufarm

Takeover bid faced by Nufarm

Chinese fertilizer and oil giant Sinochem is aiming to buy Australian-head quartered farm chemicals company Nufarm.

Nufarm NZ today said that the company's board has been approached by the state-owned Chinese company, in connection with the acquisition of the company, on a confidential, preliminary and incomplete basis.

The company continued that there was no surety that any agreement would be reached or that an offer or proposal would be put to Numfarm shareholders.