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Morrison Defends Criticism on New Immigration Policy

Scott MorrisonThe charge of keeping the opposition MPs in the dark, regarding coalition’s announcement of a new immigration policy, is being denied by Senior Liberal Scott Morrison.

UK Government Officials Charged of Fraud; Many Resigns

UK Government Officials Charged of Fraud; Many Resigns

A Senior Minister in Britain's new coalition Government admitted that he had claimed tens of thousands of pounds (dollars) in taxpayers’ money and has thus resigned on Saturday. He’d alleged this money in order to pay rent to his long-term partner.

NZ stays unilateral tariff revision till 2015

Tim Groser

New Zealand's Trade Minister Tim Groser and Commerce Minister Simon Power ruled out any possibility of unilateral decline in any tariffs until 2015, adding that tariffs would be reviewed after six years based on the conditions at the ground level.

PSA to challenge change in bio-security job rules

Grant Robertson

The government's plan to amend some provisions of law dealing with Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (MAF) border bio-security staff has initiated a controversy with the PSA set to pose a legal challenge to the government.

Labour's State Services spokesperson Grant Robertson said: "National's promise to cap not cut public sector jobs and move resources from the backroom to the frontline has again been ousted as pure political spin."

Labour urges to back redundancy bill

Darien Fenton

Labour members have started to approach different quarters in a bid to get support for the Redundancy Protection Bill, aimed at ensuring redundancy payments for laid-off workers. The bill, drafted by Labour MP Darien Fenton, provides minimum notice and redundancy compensation for retrenched workers.

Limited ministership days left for Hide, says Key

John Key

As per the media reports, New Zealand's Prime Minister, John Key feels that only a few days as minister might be left for Rodney Hide.

In a few days, the cabinet will receive a case from the ACT leader, where he will highlight as to why he wants to step down from his role as a minister, if Maori acquires a seat on Auckland's super city council.

It will be after this that a final decision will be made, and if in case it goes against Mr Hide; then it will be his last cabinet meeting as minister.