Tesla to design & build affordable EV in China: Tom Zhu

Tesla to design & build affordable EV in China: Tom Zhu

Elon Musk-led electric vehicle pioneer Tesla Motors has confirmed that it is mulling plans to develop an affordable electric car in China, the world’s largest car market. China is also among the fastest growing EV markets in the world.

Culture Secretary urges search engines to block piracy sites

According to a BBC report, the UK Cultural Secretary Jeremy Hunt has urged Google as well as other search engines to block, from their search results, those websites that contain content that infringes copyrights.

As per the report, Hunt – addressing the Royal Television Society - said that organisations such as advertisers and credit card companies should also discontinue their dealings with sites which host pirated products.

Recycling - A Step Towards An Eco Friendly Environment

Recycling - A Step Towards An Eco Friendly EnvironmentNow the residents of Edinburgh can recycle plastic bottles and old batteries using the council’s kerbside pickup.

Emissions Trading Scheme Passed By NZ Parliament

After a reportedly aggressive and fierce debate, the New Zealand Parliament has finally passed the emissions trading scheme which is expected to give the UN climate talks that are to be held in Copenhagen in the coming month, a definite boost.

The parliamentary commissioner for the environment of New Zealand had actually pleaded to the members of the parliament not to vote in favor of the bill as it did not have any possibility of reducing the emissions of the greenhouse gases. But the bill was passed nonetheless to give the UN climate talks an edge.

Windflow gets $1.8m from NZ Windfarms

Power companies Windflow Technology and NZ Windfarms have finally ended their long pending tussle as Windflow Technology would receive $1.8m from the NZ based Windfarms after a period of three months.

Demand for Electric Cars Might Exceed 1 Million American Target - Nissan

Nissan Leaf United States

In an official statement issued by Nissan Motor's Chief Executive Carlos Ghosn it has been shared that looking at the current trend; it is very much possible that the consumer demand for electric vehicles might exceed the initial goal for America set by President Barack Obama, which stands at having atleast 1 million plug-in models around by 2015.