Virgin Galactic appoints first CFO

Virgin Galactic appoints first CFOWorld’s first commercial spaceline Virgin Galactic has appointed Kenneth H. Sunshine, former Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at MDA Information Systems, as its first CFO.

Virgin Galactic names its first CFO and first pilot

Virgin Galactic names its first CFO and first pilotVirgin Galactic, the world’s first commercial spaceflight firm owned by Sir Richard Branson and his partners, has announced the appointment of Kenneth H. Sunshine as its first Chief Financial Officer (CFO).

Virgin delivers internet speeds up to 240 times faster than national average

UK cable firm Virgin Media claims that it is successfully delivering internet speeds up to 240 times faster than the national average to trialists in the state-sponsored TechHub near Old Street in central London.

According to Virgin Media’s claim, it is delivering download spped of 1.5Gbps and upload speed of 150Mbps.

To deliver such a fast internet service, the cable company has invested £13 billion to connect every cable home to its fibre optic network by a high-grade coaxial line.

Virgin Media knocks £50 off its TiVo box’s price

Virgin-MediaJust a few months after the launch of TiVo box, Virgin Media slashed the price of the device from £149.95 to £99.95. Early adopters will also benefit from the decision as Virgin will credit them the difference on their cable bills.

A spokesperson for Virgin confirmed that the price of the TiVo box was slashed following a standard review of pricing.

Virgin’s 100MB broadband reaches over 1M UK households

Virgin’s 100MB broadband reaches over 1M UK householdsUK broadband provider Virgin Media has claimed that its ultra-fast 100 megabit connection service is now available to more than one million households in the country.

The 100 megabit service of the company is claimed to be the fastest broadband service available in the UK, with download speeds more than 16 times faster than the average internet speed in the country.

Virgin Galactic’s Enterprise marks its test debut flight

Virgin-Galactic-The sleek, suborbital, six-passenger spaceship VSS Enterprise, owned by the aspirant space tourism operator Virgin Galactic, marked its two-hour, 54-minutes-long test debut flight on Monday, when it was launched into the skies above the Mojave Desert in California.