Google likely to launch early version of its Chrome OS next week

Google likely to launch early version of its Chrome OS next week

Going by the buzz making rounds, Google will likely release an early version of its Chrome OS - its free, open source operating system – next week; and the full version of the OS will probably find its way to the markets next year! 

The imminent launch of the Chrome OS was announced by Google in July, when the company had said in a blog post that, to begin with, Chrome will cater to the netbook market. The Internet search biggie had also noted that the availability of netbooks featuring the Chrome can be expected in the second half of 2010.

Free Wi-Fi across 47 airports by Google

Google is offering free Wi-Fi at 47 of nation’s airports which is starting today and will run till January 15.
During this season, travellers seem to spend more time on the airport ground than on plane and Google has aptly recognized this time to offer them free Wi-Fi. 

Google to Procure Mobile Advertising Network AdMob for $750 million

Google, AdMob

Google Inc., has announced its plans to procure mobile advertising company AdMob for $750 million, a deal designed to help the search giant maintain its online dominance and not miss out on the growing number of consumers who prefer to surf the web on their phones.

Subsequent to fetching the online ad service DoubleClick for $3.2 billion in March 2008, Google's to attainment of AdMob within next few months is being measured as one of the most costly transaction.

Google Dashboard elevates security and privacy concerns


Internet search giant Google's Thursday-unveiled new Web page, Google Dashboard, will enable users to easily gauge the extent of information stored about them by Google, thereby seeking to address some of the pertinent privacy concerns of the users.

The Dashboard essentially marks Google's response to queries pertaining to its use of the consumer data, and the amount of control users have in accessing their personal information on sites like Gmail, YouTube and Google Docs, along with the word-processing and spreadsheet software of the company.

Google Street View to be Revamped


Through higher quality and better images which have been collected from all major Australian cities, Google's Street View is now all set to be completely revamped for the better. Google began the update of its Street View coverage of Australia some time back, and starting this month, Street View cars are hitting the Australian roads again, with fresh images from across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide, Perth and parts of Tasmania.

Google to Break into Turn-by-Turn GPS Navigation Market


After winning over many users with its much popular Mobile Maps platform, Google is now all set to break into the GPS navigation market as it is all set to launch a turn-by-turn navigation application. The move, in addition to hitting many local and small scale GPA navigation systems and device providers, is also very likely to cause troubles at the headquarters of current rules of the GPS market - Garmin and TomTom.