Display Advertisement Firm Teracent Acquired by Google


Taking its fierce competition with Yahoo to a new level, search engine giant Google recently acquired Silicon Valley's display ad technology firm Teracent, which is still a start-up, and the move will now put it right next to Yahoo, which had till now ruled the display advertisements sector. The acquisition has been confirmed by Google in a post on the company's official blog.

Google Might have to Pay to Display Content from News Corp., Microsoft and News Corp. Tied in Talks

Google, Microsoft, News Corp

In a recent development which some have called a "direct assault" on Google, technology and software giant Microsoft is locked in talks with News Corp. about paying the Wall Street Journal publisher to remove all its news sites from Google's search results and cutting the search engine giant off. If the plan gets through, Google will be under increased pressure to pay the Murdoch empire if it wants their content included in its results.

Microsoft and News Corp. in Talks over Cutting Google Off, News Crop Plans Charging for Content

Google, Microsoft

Recent reports have confirmed that Microsoft Corp. recently held talks with News Corp. over paying the publisher of the Wall Street Journal to remove all its reports from Google's search engine listings. The talks are still in early stages, making News Corp. one of the several online content publishers that the technology giant has approached to remove their site results from Google, and cutting it off from sharing search results related to them.

Google Maps Enhance Real Estate Search with Google Base

Google Maps

Google Maps first integrated real estate searches in July, and has since made one upgrade, and now the search engine giant is making several more interesting changes to make property searches easier and search results more useful for users, the most significant being the option to search for properties by simply adding "real estate" to a map search.

Google Announces Plans to Add Text Caption to YouTube Videos

Google, YouTube

Taking the drive to make YouTube better and more user friendly, Google has announced that it will now be adding a new technology to its video website which will enable automatic text captions' addition to videos played, via speech recognition.

Google to demonstrate Chrome OS on Thursday; 2010 launch planned


According to the latest information forwarded by Google representatives on Tuesday, the Internet search giant has scheduled a media event for its web-centric operating system Chrome OS on Thursday, where the OS will be technically demonstrated.

The event, to be held at the company’s Mountain View campus, will also see Google outlining its plans for a 2010 launch of the Chrome OS.