Google Adds New Features in Analytics API

Google Adds New Features in Analytics API

Internet search giant Google has come up with some enhanced features of the Google Analytics API aimed to support advanced segments and 48 new metrics around goal performance. The API is currently in beta release that helps to request data from an existing Analytics profile.

Nick Mihailovski of the Google Analytics API Team added, "With advanced segmentation, you can look beyond your aggregated data and peer into the nuances of traffic and visitor activity on your site." It would reduce the search time due to segmentation based on geographical location.

Google Looking to Break into the Smartphone Market


The rumors are true after all. The much speculated Google manufactured mobile handset will soon be available to eagerly awaiting customers. Until now, Google merely built the Android operating system used by a number of handsets. Lately, with the growing use of the Google search engine on mobiles, the company seems to be feeling uncomfortable with Apple’s apparent “power over consumers’ behaviour”. So, along with Taiwanese HTC, Google has manufactured some sets and is testing them in-house.

Google Groups Tool Added to the Google Applications Suite

Starting today, subscribers of the Google Apps Premier and Education Editions will be able to enjoy a new tool called Google Groups, which has been made freely available to everyone in its current standalone position since 2006, and will now be incorporated with the other applications found in the suite which has been designed for small businesses.

Google announces top searches for New Zealand

Facebook, Bain, swine flu, Twilight, Tua, Boyel and Jackson emerged as top search keywords on Google. co. nz in 2009. David Bain out beats heavyweight boxer David Tua and ranked at first slot followed by Kiwi.

Google to launch Caffeine in 2010

Google Inc has officially launched Caffeine and it would be available from early 2010 for completely overhauling search engine page results. The new algorithm may make ranking immaterial or change its levels by using complex formula and calculations for ranking web pages.

Pingar to Take On Google

A new search engine which hopes to take on Google has promised to provide their users with a higher quality of internet content. This New Zealand search engine, Pingar, was demonstrated earlier this week and it has been reported that the search result would be in PDF format. In other words, instead of the format of the results that is generated by Google or Bing, Pingar would give the result in a 5 page PDF document.