Fletcher Building

SkyCity Entertainment and NZ Government agree to declare COVID-19 a force majeure

SkyCity Entertainment and NZ Government agree to declare COVID-19 a force majeure

SkyCity Entertainment Group has informed that the New Zealand government has declared COVID-19 a force majeure event and there will be changes in the proposed plan for one of the largest development projects in New Zealand.

Fletcher Building Recovers in Annual Profit

Fletcher Building Recovers in Annual ProfitA perk up has lately been reported by Fletcher Building in its annual profit. It is being claimed by the infrastructure and building materials manufacturer that the credit could be given to its growing business in New Zealand.

Also, according to the company, an absence of Australian year-earlier charges has contributed to the profits. Since, trading is hoped to remain weak therein.

Fletcher settles long dispute

Fletcher-BuildingFletcher Building has got a lawsuit worth multimillion dollars settled in the United Sates with an acquisition worth more than $1 billion of bench top maker Formica in the year 2007.

Fletcher Building in the NZ share market

Fletcher BuildingShares of Fletcher Building jumped up today with investors continuing to analyze it's not-so-friendly takeover bid for the Australian company Crane Group.

NZ's Fletcher Building offers $740mln to buy Crane

Fletcher-BuildingFletcher Building, the largest company listed in New Zealand, has offered money worth about $740 million for purchasing the Crane Group, an Australian firm for the purpose of plumbing and building supplies, and is apparently out to diversify and broaden its business.

Rebuilding contract in American Samoa won by Fletcher

France desires closer military relations with IndiaTo rebuild American Samoa after last year's tsunami and earthquake, the US government gave the contract to Fletcher Building, which is the country's biggest listed company.

The contract to reconstruct the 33 homes, which were destroyed last year in the 8.1 magnitude earthquake, was given to 30 year-old Samoan branch of Fletcher Building by the Federal Emergency Management Agency at the start of this week.