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Rise in GST Pose Challenge for Tourism Operators

Tim CossarThe Tourism Industry Association New Zealand (TIA) believes that hiking GST from 12.5 percent to 15 percent w. e. f. 1 October will create challenges in front of tourism operators who have set their prices up to 2012.

The Government who had announced that it would extend a $25 million marketing boost is now jittery about how to go about with a rise in GST.

Flights Obstructed due to Volcanic Ashes Blocking Airway Resumed

Backlog of 3,000 European passengers, who got stuck in Australia following the obstacle in flight transport caused by volcanic ash in the airspace, has been cleared, said the Singapore Airlines.

British Columbia Tourism Sets a Zip Line in SF

British Columbia Tourism Sets a Zip Line in SFBritish Columbia tourism officials have reportedly set up a zip line in San Francisco, luring tourists to the site of the 2010 Winter Olympi

Outbreak Makes Cruise Ship to Return Before Scheduled, Delays Next Trip

Outbreak Makes Cruise Ship to Return Before Scheduled, Delays Next TripThe Celebrity Mercury cruise ship is reported to return to port a day early from its scheduled date and its next sail will be delayed by two days, addressing an outbreak of gastrointestinal illness that reportedly sickened 350 passengers.

The outbreak is discovered to be the third consecutive outbreak on the ship in a month.

Travel insurers told not to misguide people

Travel insurers face the heat after being asked to clean up their act of misguiding people by policies that mislead.

According to the General Insurance Ombudsman complaints against travel insurance companies are ample. In the past financial year these complaints formed 15.4 per cent part of all disputes in the general insurance division.

Couple Beds in Economy Class for Air New Zealand Passengers

Air-New-ZealandAir New Zealand has disclosed the airline's "skycouch" which followed a successful safety campaign in May. "The first major improvement in economy class travel comfort in 20 years - beds" is what the company calls it. The service will be a boon for passengers who get tired of sitting around in the economy class and yearn to lie down.