Best Buy to Facilitate Digital Delivery of Home Videos

Best Buy

Best Buy Co., the largest and top ranked retailer of consumer electronics in the US, in partnership with CinemaNow, is all set to make renting and buying of home videos for its customers easier and quicker by digitalizing the whole process with the help of the digital delivery system software.

Merlin Entertainment to Go Public in 2010 - Financial Times

As reported by the Financial Times website on Friday, theme park group owner of Legoland and the London Eye, Merlin Entertainment is planning to go public as of 2010. Expected anytime early next year, Blackstone Group's giant Merlin Entertainment would be valued at an approximate 2 Billion British Pounds ($3.26 Billion), and the offering will on the London Stock Exchange.

TV Viewing Soared Manifolds as a Result of Recession - BSkyB Statistics

BSkyB, Britain's largest and most popular paid TV group has reported over a thousand subscriptions each day in the months of July and September this year, thereby proving that the recession hit population is turning to increased TV viewing rather than going out or spending money on other activities. Premier League Football matches and movie marathons are among the top scorers.

Disney Project Aims to Play Film on Any Device

Walt Disney Co

Walt Disney Co. will launch new technology code -named Keychest by next month which will benefit the entertainment companies that is in accordance with the latest trends in entertainment where the customers have made TV sets and DVD players somewhat obsolete and rather use cell phones or computers for the same. Disney trusts that with key-chest technology the interest in Blu-ray and DVD can be prolonged as the viewers would rights to watch the movie in different ways which includes the traditional disc.

TiVo deal to revolutionize entertainment sector in NZ

TiVo deal to revolutionize entertainment sector in NZ

TiVo deal is set to bring revolution in the entertainment sector of New Zealand, with the high-end services scheduled to start in November. The deal will enable telecom broadband customers to download their favorite programs and movies without affecting their monthly broadband data downloading limit.

Besides, customers can view Freeview HD channels without any additional payment. Games and information services will also be made available to all customers under the same broadband plan.

Set-top box developers unveiled by TelstraClear

Set-top box developers unveiled by TelstraClear

With the aim to provide a set-top box that will finally be proficient of delivering internet services on its cable television screens, TelstraClear has contracted Digisoft and Verimatrix. 

Under the deal, nearly 90,000 TelstraClear cable customers in Kapiti, Wellington and Christchurch would be covered.

It has been learnt that TVNZ is looking more than one ISP partners for its TiVo service that will unveil before Christmas and will require a broadband connection for its programming guide and pay-per-view content.