Profits of Disney boosted by blockbuster films

Toy-Story-3The entertainment firm Walt Disney has seen a 40% rise in its profits because of the hit movies like Alice in Wonderland and Toy Story 3. The firm has reported a net profit of 1.3 billion dollars in the three months till 3rd July from 954 million dollars of a year ago. 

Toy Story 3 pushes up Walt Disney's profit

Toy-Story-3Walt Disney, the company's whose results are closely watched for assessing the performance of entertainment industry, has seen a jump of 40 per cent in its profit.

This happened because it was able to produce three hit movies, but most of the contribution came from the Toy Story 3 movie. The other two were Iron Man 2 and Alice in Wonderland.

Hoyts Intends to Develop 3D Cinema Venues

Hoyts Intends to Develop 3D Cinema VenuesHoyts is under the process of planning to develop cinema venues that will be equipped with fully digital 3D screens, auditorium seating, and gourmet food and beverage facilities.

The foremost project, for which Hoyts is unifying with Tainui, is because of open at Te Rapa in Hamilton in 2011.

Virgin media seeks to spread its wings

Cable broadband provider Virgin Media believes that investment in broadband is practical, and soon devises plan to work on similar grounds.

California on its way to become the first US state to legalize online poker

California apparently is on its way to become the first US state to legalize online poker, thanks to a new legislation by Sen. Rod Wright, the state’s foremost lawmakers who currently heads the Senate committee which oversees gambling.

Porn King Steve Crow Steps Down

Porn King Steve Crow Steps DownStephen (Steve) Peter Crow is reported to have resigned as Co-director of porn 'mother company' CVC Group Ltd and its daughter hardcore porn Company Eden Digital Ltd, the latter now primarily directed by John Malcolm Carr.

The Society for Promotion of Community Standards passed a press release this afternoon highlighting the resignations.