Apple iPhone Product Cuts in First Quarter Could be linked to lower demand

Apple could cut iPhone production by 10 percent during the first quarter of 2017 as per a report published by Nikkei. After every new product launch, Apple witnesses massive rise in demand for newer model. Over the months, the demand declines as the euphoria around newer iPhone model declines. So, this could be a normal trend for Apple to reduce production of iPhone units during January.

Bats have interesting way of communication: Research

Bats communicate and share information in more ways than earlier known to scientists, as per a new research conducted at the Bat Lab for Neuro-Ecology at Tel Aviv University. During their analysis of bat squeaking, the research team found different tones for calls related to food, sleep or mating. The research team said that they still need to decipher many of the signals but they are sure that there are lot of different signals that bats use for communication.

Twitter is bringing 360-degree live video to its service courtesy of Periscope

In an announcement made via on Wednesday, Twitter's live-streaming service Periscope has revealed that 360-degree live video feature is coming to the microblogging platform.

Revealing that Twitter is being enhanced by the availability of 360-degree live video feature, Periscope said that the feature is being launched on the Twitter microblogging platform in partnership with a small group of popular users.

BlackBerry Mercury handset will likely be available in US from Verizon

According to a last-week disclosure - via a twitter post - by famous tipster Roland Quandt, Canadian tech firm Blackberry will likely launch a new handset in the US. The yet-to-be-announced handset - called the 'BlackBerry Mercury' - will be available in the US from Verizon.

In revealing that BlackBerry's new Mercury handset - which, going by reports so far, will probably be the last device to be launched by the company - will be available in the US, Quandt has not divulged any expected price or launch time-frame of the handset in his Twitter post.

LG to showcase its Levitating Portable Speaker at CES 2017

In a Monday announcement made via a press release, bigwig South Korean device maker LG Electronics said that it will showcase its futuristic Levitating Portable Speaker at the forthcoming CES 2017 event, which will officially kick off next week.

Revealing that the attention-grabbing Bluetooth speaker (model PJ9) boasts floating capabilities, LG said that the versatile speaker "hovers in midair" over the accompanying Levitation Station, for delivering high-quality audio.

Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge --- two impressive high-end handsets

Bigwig South Korean device maker Samsung's current-generation Galaxy S flagship handsets -- Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge -- are, undoubtedly, two of the best high-end handsets currently available on the market.

The features-loaded Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge handsets boast a top-notch design, a stunning display, remarkable performance, powerful software, incredible cameras, impressive battery life, and a waterproof rating.

Photographer uses DJI Phantom 3 drone to shoot latest footage of Tesla Gigafactory in Nevada

According to an Engadget report, a DJI Phantom 3 drone was recently used by digital content creator and aerial videographer Matthew Roberts to shoot the latest footage of electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla Motors' Gigafactory in Nevada.

The huge Tesla Gigafactory - which, upon completion, will have the biggest footprint of any building of the world - is located nearly 20 miles east of Reno in Nevada. After constructing the Gigafactory for two years, Tesla commenced the production of lithium ion electric-car batteries at the facility in July this year.

Apple’s new MacBook Pro does not get “recommended” rating from Consumer Reports

On Thursday, Consumer Reports said in a blog post that Apple's latest MacBook Pro laptop is the first laptop from the company which has not received the publication's "recommended" rating.

Consumer Reports is one of the most thorough publications to carry out testing on laptops. About its decision to not give a "recommended" rating to Apple's newest MacBook Pro, Consumer reports said that the device has some issues related to consistent battery life.

Apple’s plans for OLED display in 2017 iPhone could be hit by shortage of OLED making machines

With tech giant Apple rumored to be planning the launch of at least one 2017 iPhone model with a flexible OLED display, a Bloomberg report has revealed that Apple's planned production of such a handset could potentially be affected by shortage of OLED making machines.

The Bloomberg report is based on the current situation related to the production of OLED making machines at Japanese firm Canon Tokki --- the company which apparently produces almost all the machines that are used for making OLED displays.