Seven road maintenance workers hospitalized after chemical spill

Seven road maintenance workers hospitalized after chemical spillThe spilling of a dangerous pesticide out of a dumped drum, and the resultant exposure to hazardous chemical, has led to the hospitalization of seven workers of the Main Roads Department!

The maintenance crew came into contact with a drum that contained toxic pesticide while they were working on an overnight shift on the Bruce Highway near the turning to Keel Mountain Road at Nambour. The workers were taken to hospital as they suffered facial swelling, minor irritation, and watery eyes due to the chemical exposure.

Despite the fact that the reason behind the spilling of the chemicals on the roadside remains unknown, it has been reported that firefighters hosed down the workers who were apparently doing excavation-type duties.

According to the information forwarded by a spokeswoman of the Department of Emergency Services, six of the workers presented to Nambour General Hospital from about 4am; while the seventh worker presented himself to Royal Brisbane Hospital about 6am, after the completion of his shift.

As per the Queensland Fire and Rescue Service Maroochydore area office Inspector Kevin Devitt, the chemicals seemingly spilled over the grassy area where the road maintenance workers were doing their duty; and got some of the chemical on their hands and into their eyes.

Devitt further added that though the amount of chemicals was quite small, it was “a very strong irritant”!


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