Working mums in UK under constant pressure to be “the perfect mother”

Working mums in UK under constant pressure to be “the perfect mother”Pressures that the modern-day working mums in the UK face – in terms of juggling a job with looking after children - leave them with hardly any ‘me time’ during the day; a new study has found!

A P&G report, issued in coincidence with the International Women's Day, March 8, has revealed that the amount of time the typical working mum gets to relax per day is --- barely 26 minutes!

The statistics brought forth by the report - 'Changing Face of Motherhood' – reveal that 3 out of 10 working mums in the UK feel that they have far less ‘me time’ as compared to their mothers — barely three hours a week on average. With hardly 145 minutes a day to spend with their children, almost 9 in 10 are hit by the guilt that they do not get enough time for their kids.

Despite it all, the report has also revealed that three in 10 of the 1,000 women who participated in the study confessed being under constant pressure to be “the perfect mother” – working ‘double shift’, both as a mother as well as a wage-earner; as the Centre’s co-director Kate Fox!

What is more disquieting is that the study – conducted by the researchers at UK’s Social Issues Research Centre – has further revealed that there is no let-up for women even later in life. Once the working women become grandmothers, they end up looking after little ones yet again --- their grandchildren!

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