Shell NZ reviews its downstream businesses

Royal Dutch Shell Plc

Royal Dutch Shell Plc., Europe's largest oil company, third-biggest shareholder after BP and Mobil, has under taken a review of its investments in New Zealand and its 
17% stake in the nation's only refinery at Marsden Point. 

Fruit and veggies lead food price rise

New Zealand

According to Statistics New Zealand's latest food price index fruits and vegetables are getting increasingly expensive even though the global recession saw a widespread fall in the prices of the commodities.

Electricity grid to get $50m upgrade in April


Today, Transpower accelerated $50 million of work on the national grid, thus much required work on high-voltage power pylons will now be maintained from April on, which otherwise could have been waiting up to 10 years. 

Auckland hits record high temperature

high temperature

Auckland has equaled the highest temperature recorded in the city.

ONE News weather expert Jim Hickey informed that on Thursday the mercury hit 32.4 degrees in West Auckland at around 4pm, which is equal to its highest recorded temperature of all time.

Hickey further informed that last time Auckland was that hot was 127 years ago in 1872.

Hickey explained that the excessive heat in the Auckland area comes as heavy rain is falling across the central North Island and top of the South Island, increasing river levels.

Warning extended to Motorists to be careful

North Island, Wellington

A warning has been extended to drivers in the lower North Island by the police to take care in wet conditions tonight while a keen watch is being kept by the local authorities for flooding.

Caution has been advised on State Highway 2, the Rimutaka Hill road, due to high winds and surface flooding, by police in the Wellington region. Problems have increased on the Hutt Road at Kaiwharawhara, near Wellington due to more surface flooding.

A slip partially blocked State Highway 1, north of Wellington earlier today.

Laboratory fight appeal declined to be heard by Court

Diagnostic Medlab, Labtests

Since the Supreme Court is ruling in favor of new operator Labtests over Diagnostic Medlab, it seems that the bad blood over Auckland laboratory testing operation could be a thing of the past.

Though the battle between the two companies has come to an end, there are no celebrations as yet.

Harbour Health's Susan Turner reports, "Overall what it means is a complete reduction in services in the workforce and in the collection centres."


News in Focus

Air New Zealand to resume Flights to Majority of Domestic Airports at Alerts Level 2

Air New Zealand will start flights to majority of domestic airports when New Zealand announces alert level 2 regarding coronavirus pandemic.

SkyCity Entertainment and NZ Government agree to declare COVID-19 a force majeure

SkyCity Entertainment Group has informed that the New Zealand government has declared COVID-19 a force majeure event and there will be changes in the proposed plan for one of the largest developmen

Elon Musk outlines plans to establish self-sustaining city on Mars

With the successful testing of SpaceX’s Raptor rocket engine, the vision of Elon Musk of 1,000 passenger ships ferrying en masse to the Red Planet within the upcoming 100 years will come to complet

Arctic sea ice shrinks to second-lowest extent this month since satellite observations started

The National Snow and Ice Data Center has announced that Arctic sea ice witnessed its second-lowest level this month since the time satellite observations have started.

Google’s Global Fishing Watch aims to combat overfishing and illegal fishing

Google will unveil its new satellite-based surveillance system that aims to change current situation on illegal fishing.

Tesla plans to build a Supercharger V3 charging station in Florida

US electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla Motors is apparently planning to deploy a Supercharger V3 charging station in Florida.

Boots introduces Renault Kangoo ZE Electric Vans for Distribution

UK pharmacy Boots has announced that it is launching a pilot programme to explore the potential for pharmaceutical distribution with electric vehicles (EVs) in the country.