Increasing People Stub Out Smoking because of Hiked Cigarette Prices

SmokingThe strong anti-smoking lobby and hiked tobacco taxes have resulted in a greater number of smokers giving up the habit. According to a new research, the numbers of people giving up smoking have seen a double-fold increase since April.

Paula Snowden, the Chief Executive of Quit Group announced that around 4,000 people had registered with its helpline to give up smoking in May this year, an increase of 93% since the previous year. Quit Group has announced that it would be open on the 1st of January to register more people, whose resolution would involve giving up smoking.

The increasing numbers of people quitting smoking have been stated to be because of increasing prices, which rose by 10% for a pack and 24% for loose tobacco in April this year. Apart from the hike this year, another 10% increase is being expected in January next year, with another similar hike the year after.

Ms. Snowden stated that the average price for a pack 25 cigarettes would breach $15 following the hike. She stated that the hike would result in people spending as much on cigarettes, as they usually do on fuel or rent for a week.