Government must solve the problem of the alcohol

Government must solve the problem of the alcoholA Liberal Democrat peer has said that it would be a highly irresponsible attitude of the government if it fails to solve the problem of alcohol abuse in the light of a high profile new study which claims that the drug is a much more harmful way of intoxication compared to other drugs.

Lord Taverne also agreed and said that the Government would fail in its job towards the people in case it didn't provide stronger disincentives.

He also highlighted a report from the Independent Scientific Committee on Drugs according to which alcohol was the most harmful substance based on the dangers against the people and one person.

The report was led by the former sacked Government drugs adviser Professor David Nutt. Lord Taverne was the former chairman of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention and Treatment Limited.

He expressed his views on the report and called it `perhaps the most thorough analysis of the impact of drugs not just on users but on others and society at large."


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