BP oil spill still affecting marine life

BP oil spill still affecting marine lifeThis weekend, when US Coast Guard noticed the discolored water at the south of New Orleans, they said it could be the oil spill from the BP. Jeff Hall, who is the spokesman for the United Area Command said, that they will be conducting some tests to determine whether the supposed oil is from the BP oil spill.

There is some speculation that it may be some algae growth. On Saturday, the Coast Guard took a survey of the West Bay area near Venice, Louisiana by sending two flights.

Also, they sent two boats to do the survey. Mr. Hall added that today they will doing the test on the samples of water which are taken from the area near Venice, whereas a marine investigator says that there is an algae bloom.

Mr. Hall further said that the area of discolored water is about 300 yards wide and 2.5 miles long. As per the federal govt., the oil has washed down the gulf, after the six months of the BP oil spill. The independent research has refuted the assertion and said that they have discovered that the oil is still there and it will harm the sea-life.


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