Advanced Paramedics Summoned by Health Board to Solve Problem of Staff Shortage

Advanced Paramedics Summoned by Health Board to Solve Problem of Staff ShortageThe problem of staff shortage faced by the Waikato District Health Board is not a secret to anyone and in order to address the problem, the Taumarunui Hospital would be launching a trial to somewhat improve the current situation. The initiative by the hospital would be a first ever in New Zealand and if successful, patients would definitely be a relieved lot.

The new trial would involve the inclusion of an advanced paramedic as a team member at the medical facility. Janet Curtis, the advanced paramedic would be joining the ranks of the hospital from the 26th of October and would be providing her services to get patients out of the hospital, in good health, as quickly as possible.

A change manager for the Waikato DHB, Grant O’Brien while talking about the new initiative has informed that the new trial has been launched as the need of advanced paramedics in small rural communities was sparse. He added that the innovative experiment has been launched to better direct the services being provided by the paramedics.

The new development has received accolades from a majority of the people with the Waikato District Health Board.

The Regional Operations Manager with St. John’s, Brent Nielsen while talking about the pilot felt that the advanced paramedic in the initiative would enjoy the new role of infusing the duties of both the ambulance and the emergency departments.