September’s On – Time Arrival Rate Highest in Years for U.S. Airlines

US Airways

U.S. Airlines recorded an all time high for it’s on – time arrival for the month of September since the past six years, from 2002. The on – time rate reached a whopping 86.2 per cent, which, however, is not an improvement when compared to the 86.4 per cent which was recorded in October 2003.

The Transportation Department has been keeping these records for the past 15 years and the current year's September results were found to be the fourth highest. The highest and apparently the best was September 2002.

It has been reported that Hawaiian Airlines, which belongs to Hawaiian Holdings Inc., had the best on – time rate in September with an amazing 94.1 per cent. Alaska Airlines, belonging to Alaska Air Group Inc., was right behind with an equally good 90 per cent.

The worst hit was Atlantic Southeast unit, which belongs to SkyWest Inc., which recorded the lowest rate at about 72.2 per cent and followed by the previously worst performer, Comair unit belonging to Delta Airlines Inc., with 80.5 per cent. It is a notable fact that the number of mismatched bags and complaints has been reducing to a lesser number as each month progresses and it is currently at its best ever since 2003.