Doles being promoted by an artist using taxpayers' money

Promoting the virtues of being unemployed, an artist in Wellington is showing how the "beneficiaries' office" can be used. He is showing how an out-of-work environment can be enjoyed using taxpayers' money.

After this move, Tao Wells, 37 lost his job when the Work and Income department came to know that he was being paid $2000 for what he is doing. The news was first reported by Dominion Post.

Wells has made an installation which has been put in front of the Beneficiary's Office and is going to become open from Monday. This installation is urging that the people must abandon their jobs and go back to feel of being free. Work, he has showed, is like suffering from eight hours of slavery.

He said that to be able to consume less one needs to work less. The average carbon footprint of an unemployed person is almost half of that of a working one.

Tao is member of the $53,000 art installation series known as Letting Space. The funding for the same comes from Creative New Zealand and Wellington City Council.