Spend More on Plant-Based Foods for a Healthy Diet

healthy dietThe best way to maintain a healthy diet is not necessarily maintained by spending more on food items but rather selecting the right kind of food.

According to Dr. Adam M. Bernstein and his colleagues at the Harvard School of Public Health, Boston, a healthy diet can be maintained by spending more on food items like soy and beans. He added that by spending less on food items like red meat and high-fat dairy products, costs of food expenditure can come drastically down.

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition has reported many studies that suggest the spending on junk food is a lot cheaper than spending on fresh fruits and vegetables. In fact, even researches conducted in countries like the Netherland, UK, and France have stated that investing in healthy foods is a lot costlier than junk food.

However, in a study conducted on 78,191 women by the Nurses’ Health Study, which involved the comparison between food spending habits and diet healthiness. It was found that healthy food diets were available at all cost brackets and the best way to bring down food costs was by spending more on plant based diets.

Costs directed towards whole grains, beans and nuts was a lot healthier and beneficial for the health of all. Whereas, the research also discovered that greater expenditure on red meat, poultry and all led to greater chances of a cardiac disease.


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