Bond’s Aston Martin to be Up for Auction

Bond’s Aston Martin to be Up for AuctionThe famous Aston Martin DB5 that was used in two James Bond flicks, which starred Sean Connery, has been put up for auction. The auction of the prized car would be held next month in Paris. The car would come loaded with the features that were shown in the movies like machine guns, revolving number plates and loads of other innovative features.

The movies in which the Aston Martin DB5 up for auction has been featured, include the films Goldfinger, released in the year 1964 and Thunderball in the year 1969. The DB5 is currently owned by the famous US broadcaster, Jerry Lee, who had bought the car in the year 1969 for a sum of $12,000.

The car has been expected to rake in an amount of US$5 million from the auction. The car, that has been put up for auction is just one of the two cars, which were manufactured for the movies, with the other car being reportedly stolen from a Florida airport in the year 1997. The lost car had previously been sold under the hammer on two occasions.