Google Funding Shweeb’s Invention of a Cycling Monorail

Google Funding Shweeb’s Invention of a Cycling MonorailOn Friday, Shweeb Holdings, a New Zealand transportation Company, was announced among the five winners picked by Google to win the Company’s award for the best invention or idea, the one that would make a change in the world. Among the 150,000 projects that Google looked through in the past two years Shweeb’s came on the top. The search was not limited by the country, as Google swept through idea from the entire globe.

The winners would receive funding from Google for their ideas and to implement their inventions. Shweeb’s idea was to build a pedaling monorail. This monorail would be made of little clear capsules and would be powered by humans pedaling.

Shweeb has already been using its monorail at Rotorua Adventure Park for three years, but it has never been considered as a serious transportation alternative around the city.

The award is a US$1 million fund from Google to Shweeb in order to turn the idea to a solid reality. In return google would be acquiring 25% of the shares of Shweeb. However, Google will not be collecting any profits, for it promised all of its profits from Shweeb would go to the public transport charity trusts.


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