Combet admits carbon tax an option

Greg-CombetGreg Combet, Climate Change Minister of the country has said that the government is looking forward to consider a carbon tax in the country. Federal Government may issue introduce this option soon. The minister has given a clear indication of such option in his statement.

The Prime Minister of the nation Julia Gillard had also informed before the general election that they may think about this option soon. As the greenhouse gas emissions is getting worse day by day, so the government is looking forward to go for a tax to reduce the effect.

The chief of BHP has also thinking about this idea as well. A tax can be an interim measure at this period of time.

The Climate Change Minister Mr. Combet has said that the Government is also determined to control the issue and taking this effect quite seriously. The new parliamentary committee is now looking for each and every option to find out a solution for this. He has also revealed that the current circumstances are slightly different than that of the anticipation of the Government.