Tui Ora Unveils Maori Health Plan

healthcareA new health service will be added by the Maori health group in the region to upgrade the healthcare system.

On Wednesday, a three year project was initiated by Tui Ora, the representative body of 13 Taranaki Maori-focused health groups that would design and create a whanau ora-driven health service.

In 1998, the establishment of Tui Ora took place and it is one of those efficient Maori health groups that aim at developing comprehensive health care system.

Ali Hamlin, the project manager stated to an audience of about 120 at Waitara's Owae Marae that in the first year of the project, discussions will be made with the Maori and its healthcare providers. She expressed involving everyone in the project.

"The first thing we need to do is arrive at what we mean by whanau ora. Then we can develop our plans based on that", said Hayden Wano, Tui Ora Chief Executive.

Mr. Wano added that what they want is to upgrade the healthcare system and its results for all Taranaki Maori.

In the second and the third year of the project, the feedback collected from the Maori and its health professionals will be analyzed and thus a plan will be made accordingly.


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