Older adults getting treatment for substance abuse

Older adults getting treatment for substance abuseAs per the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration the number of elderly adults getting admissions to substance-abuse treatment facilities has become twice as much as they were in 1992. There have been several wins and losses in the struggle over prescription-drug addiction.

The latest report of the Organization’s Treatment Episode Data Set report released this Tuesday suggests that the number of patients ages 50 and above has shot up from 102,700 in the year 1992 to 231,170 in the year 2008.

Many of the shifts reflect the overall national demographic changes as per Peter Delany, an expert in substance abuse and director of the substance abuse organization's Center for Behavioral Health Statistics and Quality.

He says, “What we have is a group of older people who have fewer resources socially, fewer fiscal resources, and have less employability.”

“The impact on treatment is that these people are probably going to need a little more support in wraparound services, including helping them get employed, getting them a source of reliable income, helping them get stable living situations.”


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