Georgia woman indicted for submit false mammogram results

false mammogram resultsAuthorities said that a former Georgia hospital worker charged with submitting false mammogram results for hundreds of women was indicted this week for reckless conduct and computer fraud.

A radiology technician at Perry Hospital in Perry, Rachael Rapraeger, Ga. Knowingly turned in false test results of women patients, according to the indictment.

The patients were told that their results for the mammography were normal despite no doctor having reviewed the scans.

Houston County District Attorney Rabb Wilkerson said, "For reasons unknown she was taking the mammograms and just entering the results herself. He added that Rapraegeer always recorded the test results to be negative.

A result of this intentional hiding of medical conditions is that some women are finding that they actually do have cancer.

One such example is Miriam Mizell who thought of spending her golden years relaxing by a quiet lake but she found that she had colorectal cancer which soon spread to her liver and lungs.

Mizell said, “With metastatic colorectal cancer, the prognosis is three to five years. I've been here three and a half. "It was like, I've been through so much already and now it's like I got my teeth kicked in.”


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