Signs of havoc caused by Hurricane Katrina live on even after 5 years

KatrinaEven though it has been five years since the Hurricane Katrina wrought devastation for the Gulf Coast residents on August 29, 2005, the signs of the disaster continue to linger on – with abandoned homes still bearing spray-painted circles that indicate they had been searched for bodies inside.

The fifth anniversary commemoration events on Claiborne Avenue, New Orleans, had brass bands playing dirges; and politicians highlighting the country’s failure to do enough to rebuild New Orleans, especially the Lower 9th Ward.

The Lower 9th Ward area witnessed widespread devastation largely because of the toppling over of the floodwall on the Industrial Canal; thereby unleashing a massive wall of water which knocked down scores of homes off their foundations.

As a result, out of the over 1,800 people that were killed by Katrina, the maximum number of deaths occurred in the Lower 9th Ward, where only about 25 percent of the pre-storm 5,400 dwellings have been reconstructed till now.

Telling the commemoration crows that the Lower 9th Ward can be rebuilt, Marc Morial, an ex-mayor of New Orleans mayor and the president of the National Urban League, said: “This is hallowed ground now. All it needs is decent, strong levees that don't break.”

According to the information forwarded by the Army Corps of Engineers, the construction of a levee system for New Orleans will be completed by next summer. Noting that the Lower 9th Ward is now protected by a dam-like structure, the agency said that the levee system will hold up against a hurricane like the Katrina.