Couple sues priest for impregnating their teen daughter

Couple sues priest for impregnating their teen daughterIn a shocking case, a couple secretly recorded a video of a Roman Catholic priest having sex with their 18-year old daughter in the basement of their home. They have now sued the priest for getting her pregnant.

The lawsuit was filed this Tuesday and alleges that Rev Luis A. Bonilla Margarito continued with a sexual relationship with the teenager while he was the chaplain of Reading Central Catholic High School and she was a senior there.

The couple had a suspicion and they installed a camera in their basement when the priest was spending large amounts of time with their daughter. The camera recorded the priest having sex with the teen in Nov 2009 after she had graduated. Evidently, the teen and the priest are now living together.

A maintenance man at Bonillas’ apartment complex said that the couple moved in together two months ago and they had the baby about six weeks ago.

Bonilla was removed from his dual posts as chaplain and pastor of St Joseph Church in Reading after her parents took the sex tape to the Diocese of Allentown.