Wendy's Reopens Post Renovation, Despite Flood Worries in Future

WendysSingapore fast-food chain Wendy’s, has re-opened after recovering from the damages caused by the floods. The outlet of the food chain is located in the Liat Towers. Wendy’s had to spend nearly $ 500,000 to renovate the outlet.

People in great numbers thronged the food joint for lunch yesterday. On Friday also, it started raining in the morning reminding Wendy’s staff about the six weeks old rain.

The outlet reported nearly 480 people till 3 in the afternoon.

Dave Kessinger, Director of Wendy’s franchise said that even after the apprehensions, the business was needed to be re-started.

Sandbags were kept on the roadway to the restaurant in order to avert any re-occurrence of such event. Also, three workers are made to pile these sandbags.

"We have an agreement with the management of Liat Towers, they will activate their workers first when there are heavy rains and floods”, said Ms. Goh Wee Ling, Corporate Communications Manager of Wendy's.

Liat Towers management has also decided to establish 60 cm- tall and 15-cm thick wall.

According to her, the management has taken sufficient measures to deal with such flood situations.

The heavy rains, which were witnessed six weeks ago, the water had accumulated in the store and the managers had to take the help of chairs, as water level was increasing.