Air New Zealand Demands Overturning the Auckland Ltd. Deal

Air-New-ZealandAuckland International Airport Limited’s (AIAL) transaction of Queensland Airport is causing more trouble than before.

Air New Zealand is chastising the whole deal, as well as its poles, claiming the rights of the airline Companies to similarly invest in Queensland Airport.  Prior the deal being sealed, Air New Zealand accused Commerce Commission of putting AIAL’s benefits above the public’s benefits.

Recently, the airline demanded the Commerce Commission to reconsider the deal, in order to avoid the monopoly in the aviation business market.

On the other side, by the 8th of July, Auckland Airport announced that the 24.99 % shares, which the Company holds in Queenstown Airport, might increase to reach 30% or even 35% by the end of June 2011.

Tony Frankham,  Auckland International Airport Chairman, stated, "This marks a further significant step in Auckland Airports plans to grow travel, trade and tourism between New Zealand and the rest of the world".

As a reply, Bruce Parton, Air New Zealand Group General Manager Australasia, announced that the moment airlines started investing in New Zealand airports, sustainable “tourism infrastructure strength” will be granted, and consequently, a strong aviation stock market will be introduced.

Mr. Parton also added that all the New Zealand airlines are committed to one cause, which is improving Queenstown airlines services, and ensuring that this improvement will last decades after.