VG Assures Rail Link Residents to Be Given Compensation

Martin PakulaPeople living in or owning houses at Footscray are likely to be affected by the regional rail link project and due to this, the Victorian Government has assured that the residents are completely entitled to receive compensation from the Government.

The houses that are in Buckley and Victoria streets are not positioned inside the region of homes that can be obligatorily bought by the Government, so that the Government can pave way for the rail project.

For the project to be completed, it is necessary to lay down the rail lines within meters of the houses, which need to be tagged as unsaleble.

Some of the landlords of houses in this region met with the Public Transport Minister, Martin Pakula after he visited the place, especially to talk to the inhabitants.

The Minister said that he gave the residents reassurance that they would be offered with the alternative to sell their property to the department.

Mr. Pelikan, one of the residents said that he was happy to see that the Government paid attention to details in regards to the kind of impact this project would have upon his house, if not purchased.

The rail link project that the Government intends to lay out is worth $4.3 billion.