Petition Filed Against Fishing Industry to Save Home Fishermen

Fishing-Industry-New-ZealandA petition has been filed against the fishing industry of New Zealand having its link with foreign fishing Companies. The allegation was raised by the Service and Food Workers Union and fishing lobby group Keep it K-iwi, which has political support of Labour, Green and Maori parties. They have urged Parliament to initiate an enquiry in this context.

Around half of the commercial take of NZ is carried by the foreign charter vessels. In the 2008-09 fishing year, 30 of them wedged 198,000 tonnes, while 1142 domestic boats – including the inshore fleet – trapped 221,000 tonnes.

Union’s Assistant National Secretary, Neville Donaldson, and K-iwi spokesman Daren Coulston told that foreign fisherman are curbing the jobs of New Zealand’s people. They demanded a specified quota of region’s fisherman on boats entering NZ’s economic zone.

The association of nation’s fishing industry with that of foreign fishing Companies is posing a threat to the indigenous jobs, livelihood of fishers and sustainable fishing.

The supporters have already got signatures of 5,000 members on of fishing industry and the petition has still to close on August 1.

MP Maryan Street is of the view that the demanded quota accounts for 50% of New Zealanders, which would be an expensive and not a wise step. He said that there is nothing to conceal from the Parliament regarding the employment of foreign fishermen, as they don’t have enough man power for the same in their own region. He stated that enquiry into the fisheries is not a good option, indeed.