Online Sperm Bank Starting Soon

The Company that started a social networking site for attractive people has now revealed that it is starting an online sperm and egg bank. The site generated a lot of controversy when it was launched.

It was launched by Auckland based Greg Hodge. He is now the Managing Director of Beautifulpeople. com. He confirmed that the site will offer parents to select a beautiful donor for their children. He stressed that this idea originated after the site was approached by fertility clinics for advertising about donors on the website.

Greg stressed that the society places a lot of importance on intelligence and being attractive. He feels that infertile couples should have a right to select an attractive parent for their child and provide it everything they can.

All the prospective donors and their information will be listed on the website and their other details will also be provided.

But this move is being criticized by a lot of people who feel that it will increase discrimination and make the overall process appear superficial. They feel that most of the people look for a donor who is similar to them in most of the ways.

Others are also unhappy and they feel that this process has been exploited for its commercial aspect. Most of the people agreed that there is a global shortage of sperm donors.



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