Petition started to persuade Google to release its Voice VoIP desktop client

By the way of a recently started petition, Google users, who have been anxiously awaiting the fabled Google Voice desktop client, are aiming at persuading Google to launch the application publicly.

Reports about the supposed desktop version of Google Voice began making rounds last year after Google acquired the VoIP provider Gizmo5 – a move which hinted that Google would apparently combine the Google Voice and Google Talk clients to come up with make a potential ‘Skype killer’ service that would enable users to call traditional phone numbers.

However, Google supposedly nixed its Voice desktop version to go ahead with a browser-based version of the service.

But, last week, a leaked Mac edition of the Google Voice desktop client was obtained and assessed by TechCrunch. The version appeared to be almost ready for general release, even though Google characteristically follows a Google Beta release program.

The leaked Mac application of Google Voice was also accompanied by the information that Google was supposedly planning to still sideline the release of a desktop client; and would instead focus on delivering a better web client.

Now, a petition has started basically to get Google round to release the Google Voice VoIP desktop client; and the initiators of the petition are hopeful that they would be able to generate collect signatures to carry the request through to Google.