T-Mobile USA offering ‘free’ phones during June 19 promotion

T-Mobile USA offering ‘free’ phones during June 19 promotion

In an attempt to attract subscribers, T-Mobile USA has announced that during its one-day promotion on Saturday, June 19, every phone in its store will be ‘free’ for new customers who agree to sign up for the carrier’s two-year family plan.

According to a T-Mobile press release detailing the promotion, the free phone offer is limited to only five phones with pone single family plan. The offer will be available from 8 a. m. June 19 in every T-Mobile store, and will continue till supplies last. Further details on the offer, as well as a list of stores, is also available at T-Mobile’s special Web site.

As a result of the promotion, a family contract offering unlimited voice, texting and Web access can reach up to a maximum of $3,835 - excluding taxes or fees - for a five-member family in the first year.

The offer is applicable to all the 30 devices selling via the T-Mobile store. These include handsets from manufacturers like HTC, Nokia, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, and Sharp; and even the most recent launches like myTouch 3G Slide, HTC HD2, and Garminfone – which is an Android handset boasting Garmin navigation technology for providing voice-guided directions to users.

Though the handsets will essentially be free on June 19, the offer still includes a $35 activation fee per user; and also entails the carrier’s standard early termination fees of up to $200.


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