RIAA seeking permanent injunction against LimeWire file-sharing service

RIAA seeking permanent injunction against LimeWire file-sharing serviceGoing by media reports, the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) has recently filed a request in the Southern New York US District Court, seeking a permanent injunction against the file-sharing service LimeWire. In case the injunction takes effect, LimeWire will be barred from advertising or operating its network and software.

The RIAA motion is the most recent development in the ongoing legal scuffle between the record companies and LimeWire. The RIAA first filed its complaint against the file-sharing site in 2006, accusing the site of allowing the trafficking pirated content for profit reasons. The lawsuit largely came in the face of the plunging sales of CDs, which happen to be the biggest revenue source for record companies.

The labels suing LimeWire include the Sony Entertainment-owned Arista Records; Warner Music division Atlantic Recording; Capitol Records, a unit of Terra Firma Capital Partners' EMI Group; and the Universal Music unit Vivendi's Motown Records.

With the RIAA recently reiterating that LimeWire is still continuing to enable users to illegally share copyrighted content, the US District Judge Kimba Wood Monday gave a two-week period to LimeWire to file legal papers in support of its argument against the permanent shut down that RIAA is seeking.

Already, in a last-month ruling, Wood had said that the LimeWire file-sharing site was legally responsible for inducing copyright infringement by millions of users who avail its `free' song download service.


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