Firm Faces Fine for Misleading NZ-made Claim

An Auckland souvenir shop is reported to be imposed with a fine of $6000 for misleading claiming that its royal jelly was a product of New Zealand.

The merchandize was reported to be retailed in Auckland souvenir stores and the Company, Shim's International Ltd, trading as Royal Deer of New Zealand, faced conviction in Auckland District Court on two charges of violating the Fair Trading Act.

It is the second Company in a month that has been convicted and fined.

On May 4, New Zealand Natural Care Products Ltd reportedly pleaded guilty to two charges of violating the Fair Trading Act as it made deceitful representations related to the country of origin of royal jelly products, facing a fine of $15,000.

Commerce Commission fair trading Manager Greg Allan today, quoted, "These traders are taking advantage of foreign tourists and misusing the New Zealand brand in the false country of origin claims."

Mr. Allan revealed that both New Zealand's tourist image as well as competitors marketing genuine New Zealand royal jelly has be hit by the same.

Mr. Allan posted that the label on Shim's International's royal jelly product misled that it was a "Product of New Zealand", bearing a kiwi picture with the words "Manufactured in New Zealand", along with a map of New Zealand with the words "Export quality from New Zealand".